Day 1

Day 1 - Arrival, Montalcino

Start your visit to Montalcino at La Rocca. A fortress from which views are spectacular. Rolling sunny hills, picturesque olive groves, scenic country roads and vineyards as far as the eyes can see. Take a stroll in the historic centre, its churches, stairways and alleys will take you back in time to distant fascinating periods.
Wine is present in every corner and aspect of Montalcino, from cellars to room wines, restaurants and shops, you will smell the floral, fruity, spicy and wood odors of the Brunello wine everywhere.
Enjoy a gourmet dinner with local delicious fresh products.
Afterwards, relax in your charming room, have a nice hot shower and a good night's rest before your tour starts.


Extra night! Add an extra night in Montalcino and visit Sant'Antimo and a winery !!


Our hotels in Montalcino

Selection of our accommodation in Montalcino for our walking tour